Mile High Academy is a well-established Christian private school in Denver Metro. With over 110 years of history, we aim to bring young people to Jesus while providing excellent academics. Our core values focus on learning, exploring, and serving, shaping hearts and minds both in and out of the classroom. With a caring Christian administration and teachers, we believe that every child can fall in love with Jesus, achieve excellence, serve others, and develop their talents. Expect academic excellence, a family atmosphere, spiritual growth, athletic opportunities, emphasis on the arts, leadership, and technology, and a focus on the whole person. 100% of our graduates are accepted into four-year colleges/universities. Join us at MHA for a community dedicated to worship, education, and service.


Mile High Academy, established in 1913 as Denver West Church School, has a rich history of growth and academic achievement. From its humble beginnings in a single classroom, the school has evolved into a thriving campus with modern facilities. In 1963, it became Mile High Adventist Academy, offering a complete 12th-grade education.

Throughout its history, the campus has undergone several expansions and improvements. Today, MHA boasts a spacious 15-acre campus with state-of-the-art facilities, including a science lab, playgrounds, and separate sections for different grade levels.

Over the years, MHA has earned recognition for its academic excellence, consistently ranking among the top schools in Colorado. This reputation is reflected in the school’s rankings on respected educational websites including

As we look towards the future, it remains committed to providing a high-quality education in a nurturing Christian environment. The school continues to embrace its rich history while preparing students for success in the modern world.


Mile High Academy is accredited by MSA-CESS and the Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities. These prestigious accreditations ensure our commitment to high-quality education and adherence to the values of the Adventist education system. We are also affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Conference and the Mid-America Union, providing valuable support and resources. Visit the Adventist Education website for more details on our academic standards. Experience excellence in education within a faith-based environment at MHA.

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