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If you are interested in a comprehensive Education Employment search, please visit the Adventist Education website.  There you will be connected with a full list of available teaching positions and information.

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Experience: Master’s Degree or higher in education or equivalent; member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in good standing; minimum five years of teaching/administrative experience preferred; possess denominational or state teacher certification and must be eligible for employment in the United States. Candidates who do not currently hold denominational teacher certification must be eligible for denominational teacher or administrative certification; local fingerprint/background clearance; Sterling clearance; at least three years of administrative experience or the equivalent at the Pre-k through 12TH level.

Description: The successful candidate will be knowledgeable in best practices in curriculum alignment, ITBS/Mapping and Aspire or equivalent data, project based learning, classroom observation, SEL/behavior, active brain learning, development, and overall leadership at this level. In addition, this candidate will be a committed SDA Christian, committed to Adventist education, possess proven CHERISH core values, and above average interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills to manage and create relationships with teachers, students, parents, the board, churches, hospitals and the conference.

Preferred Past Performance in these areas:
– ability to translate academic standards and state assessment requirements into effective instructional design; adept at data analysis including the ability to extract meaningful insights across school wide data;
– in the professional development of educational faculty and staff including setting goals for and evaluating teacher performance; assessing lesson plans, direct instruction, feedback, grades, report cards, classroom management, and student and parent communications; document all facets of this PD – training, accountability, performance, etc.
– MHA has a historical commitment to diversity which includes an annual commitment of a minimum of $250,000 in student tuition assistance funds; work with the VP of Finance to raise these dollars.

The successful candidate will:
– serve as part of the leadership team founded in metrics and processes to achieve the mission with a specific focus on spiritual and academic leadership, as well as maintaining a safe, purposeful, welcoming school and work environment; value is placed on diverse perspectives, feedback to inform the work, authentic listening, and action-oriented commitment to advancing the mission with an emphasis on promoting a positive culture of high expectations, continuous improvement, and a relentless focus on spiritual and academic achievement for students;
– operate within professional learning communities, routinely providing high impact instructional coaching and feedback to create improvements in teacher ability and effectiveness over time as assessed by breakthrough spiritual and academic results; ensure teachers consistently and effectively deliver rigorous standards-aligned content daily; require and support teachers in analyzing student work/data to close instructional gaps and ensure strong student mastery of daily objectives and grade-level content standards; substitute for teachers missing a day or less; modeling different classroom instructional practices and classroom management to foster strong student outcomes;
– recruit, enroll and retain students and their families; support school-wide incentive, behavior and discipline system, student events, church and community engagement opportunities; communicate regularly and occasionally with families to both solicit input including data sourced from surveys, and to share student spiritual and academic progress, while empowering teachers to do the same;
– MHA has benefited from the contributions of a visionary, change-agent leader; continue this visionary leadership to promote excellence for Jesus and in Adventist education; commitment to work with constituent and non-constituent churches, hospitals and the conference.

Diane Harris
Rocky Mountain Conference 2520 S. Downing St.
Denver, CO 80210
[email protected]

Before School Supervision

Before School Care, approximately 7.5-8 hours per week, Monday thru Friday, 6:55 am – 8:30 am

State licensing a must; however, MHA is willing to help the right candidate with these requirements. Candidate must be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and possess current US work authorization. 

For additional information about the positions and application process, please contact Jocelyn Aalborg at [email protected].

Our Vision

Our vision is that Mile High Academy be recognized for its excellence and renowned for its Christ-centered learning environment where every student and faculty member:

-Develops a personal relationship with Christ,

-Embraces an enthusiasm for lifelong learning,

-Creates an energizing academic faith community,

-Maintains positive emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual priorities,

-Involves themselves in a life of service,

-Supports a financially responsible educational program, and

-Promotes an emotionally healthy and physically safe school environment.

While pursuing our vision, we will live by our values and develop an emotionally and physically safe environment in which people are filled with a passion for learning and healthy relationships.

Providing an excellent quality, Christ Focused education that empowers young people to excel is at the heart of all that we do at Mile High Academy.

At the heart of a Christ Focused education you will find Christian educators who have committed their lives first to Christ and are here on a mission to introduce their students to Jesus Christ.

Helping a child focus and become a well-rounded citizen for this kingdom and the next is very important at Mile High Academy.

Developing the whole person requires skill and practice. The motivation to do this is based on our desire to contribute to our community and respect others and our surroundings. Each of us has to learn to persevere, listen openly to constructive criticism, and work hard through challenges, while remaining compassionate towards others.

Part of the Team

We have a great team here at Mile High Academy because everyone is committed to this Vision.

If you would like to learn more about any of the Employment Opportunities currently available, please contact our office at 303.744.1069 or .

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