Mile High Academy celebrates 100 years in 2013! MHA had its humble beginnings in 1913 as Denver West Church School, hosting grades 1-8 all in one classroom. In the year 1921 grades 9 & 10 were added and in the year 1927 they decided to divide the school having grades 1-6 taught at Denver West and grades 7-10 taught at Denver South Church; located on the (directional) side of DWA. A year later a vacant public school building located on South Navajo Street was purchased and the two school divisions were merged to form the new Denver Junior Academy.


After over twenty years spent at the location on S. Navajo St. the school transferred facilities to its present location and continued as a ten-grade school until 1956 when 11th grade was added. This was done in expectations of soon becoming a full 12-grade academy. Then, in 1963, DJA added 12th grade and changed its name to Mile High Adventist Academy.






Since 1949 various changes have been made to the original layout of the campus including the addition of a gymnasium and additional classrooms.




Later, in 1952 the school cafeteria was built  and through 1961, with the increase in student population, elementary classrooms were added to the north wing of the campus. After the campus evolved into a full academy, another wing housing the home economics, music, and vocational departments was built.




Through the early 80s the school made its final additions including the administrative offices, health department, a 6,000 volume capacity library, a science complex and lastly a full court sized gymnasium.





With the schools rapid and steady growth during the mid-70s MHA thrived both academically and spiritually. Even through the early 2000s MHA elementary students ranked among some of the top elementary schools in the nation ranking in the high 60-70th percentiles on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills. The national average is at the 50th percentile.

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Mile High Academy