Faculty & Staff

Take a tour of our wonderful faculty and staff. They are what make us great every day!


Esther Aviles


Degree: M. Ed.

Activities: travel, spend time with friends & family, travel, mountain bike, ski, travel, spend time outdoors, and did I mention travel?

To eat: Starbucks, Panera, Corner Bakery

To shop: Amazon, iTunes, DSW, Target

Foods: Thai, Italian, Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese

Fruit: berries, grapes, watermelon

Candy: anything milk chocolate

Snack: Larabars, dried fruit, mixed nuts, smoothie

Hot Drink: Starbucks chai latte w/skim milk, no foam or skinny cinnamon dolce latte

Cold Drink: cold version of hot drinks

Color: blue

Sports team: Tennessee VOLS or Titans!!


Derek Baker

Physical Education

Degree: B.S.

Activities: hiking, flag football, miniature golf, cooking, anything active & outdoors with friends and family

To eat: Torchy’s, Raising Caines, Chick-fil-a

To shop: REI

Foods: Thai, Italian, Mexican…I’ll try anything once!

Fruit: PEaches…get it?

Candy: Sour Skittles, Sour Patch…anything sour really!

Snack: Cheez Its, salt and vinegar chips, dried fruit

Hot Drink: coffee + vanilla almond milk = love

Cold Drink: iced chai tea latte

Color: grey

Sports team: Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Super Sonics RIP, Colorado Avalanche, and my MHA Mustangs!!!

We can always use more PE related equipment (dodge balls, uniforms, first aid kits, water bottles for practice, and people buying the MHA gear we sell throughout the year!!)


Kyle Berg

Upper School Humanities

Degree: B.S.

Activities: play sports, watch sports, hike, bike, read, write

To eat: Red Robin

To shop: REI & Sierra Trading Post

Foods: Thai

Fruit: Raspberries

Candy: Starbursts

Snack: Chex Mix

Hot Drink: chai tea latte

Cold Drink: snapple mango madness

Color: blue

Sports team: Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, Seattle Mariners

Storage closet for podcasting equipment, Nikon DSLR cameras for yearbook


Rebecca Berg

Upper School History, Bible, & Chaplain

Degree: B.S.

Activities: hike, bake, cook, bike, read, boardgames

To eat: Native Foods

To shop: The Loft

Foods: Thai

Fruit: any

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: dark chocolate covered almonds

Hot Drink: latte

Cold Drink: kambucha

Color: purple

Sports team: none

The “March” books by John Lewis


Heidi Chaij

Middle School

Degree: B.A.

Activities: read and travel

Kids: 2

Pets: cats

To eat: Zaika Indian

To shop: Steinmart

Foods: Ethnic

Fruit: raspberries

Candy: chocolate truffles

Snack: almonds

Hot Drink: mocha

Cold Drink: Izzy

Color: peach

Sports team: football, but several teams

Reading books, educational games, balls


Jenni Eno

Upper School Language Arts

Degree: M.A.

Activities: camp, ride motorcycles, travel

Kids: 3

Pets: English Springer Spaniel named Charlie

To eat: Chipotle

To shop: Amazon

Foods: anything Ethnic

Fruit: grapefruit

Hot Drink: tea

Cold Drink: tea

Color: blue

Sports team: US Women’s National Soccer Team

Mural painted on my wall

Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards for books

Wireless speakers


Angelika Feldbush

Administrative Assistant, Student Worker Coordinator, PFE Coordinator

Degree: B.A.

Activities: hike

Kids: 3

To eat: Colorado Hacienda

To shop: The Barn

Foods: Mexican

Fruit: avocado

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: poppers

Hot Drink: caramel macchiato

Cold Drink: green tea

Color: rose

Sports team: Broncos


Roxanne Force

Second Grade

Degree: B.A.

Activities: I love playing games, going hiking, playing sports, reading, baking, and watching movies!

To eat: Hacienda

To shop: Marshalls or Home Goods

Foods: anything Mexican!

Fruit: strawberries, pears, apples

Candy: peanut M&Ms, Reese’s Cups, chocolate!

Snack: popcorn!

Hot Drink: chai tea latte

Cold Drink: lemonade

Color: blue

Sports team: Chicago Cubs

Clorox wipes, pencil erasers, math games


Agape Hammond

Director of Marketing

Degree: M.A.

Activities: read, write, travel, outdoors time with family


Christina Hernandez

Middle School

Degree: B.A.

Activities: camp, read, ride bike with kids

Kids: 2

Pets: fish

To eat: Olive Garden

To shop: Target

Foods: any Mexican food!

Fruit: mango

Candy: Hershey’s with almonds

Snack: sunflower seeds

Hot Drink: white chocolate mocha

Cold Drink: mocha frappe

Color: purple

Sports team: Broncos

Nice reading chairs, microscopes, dry erase markers and eraser, bath bomb mods, soap molds


Brian Howard

Upper School Math

Degree: M.E.

Activities: rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, travel

Pets: 3

Allergies: politics

To eat: Jerusalem

To shop: REI

Foods: Shish Ta Uhk

Fruit: mango

Candy: Reese’s

Snack: sunflower seeds

Hot Drink: coffee

Cold Drink: unsweetened iced tea

Color: green

Sports team: Manchester United

Casio graphing calculators, trampoline, antigrav demonstration kit for physics


Kate Kamarad


Degree: B.A.

Activities: hike, yoga, listen to music, art, time with my girls

Kids: 2 daughters

Pets: 1 dog, Cash

To eat: Carrabba’s

To shop: Target

Foods: Indian

Fruit: pineapple

Candy: Riesens

Snack: trail mix

Hot Drink: white chocolate mocha

Cold Drink: green tea hazelnut frappuchino

Color: blue

Sports team: Broncos

Lysol wipes, books, iPads, headphones


Lindsey Little

Fifth Grade

Degree: B.A.

Activities: paint, play games, watch moves, go camping

Kids: 21

Pets: 2 cats

Allergies: seasonal

To eat: Taco Bell

To shop: Old Navy/Target

Foods: mashed potatoes

Fruit: blackberries

Candy: Twix

Snack: Cheez-Itz

Hot Drink: chai tea latte/hot chocolate

Cold Drink: Dr. Pepper

Color: purple

Sports team: Dallas Cowboys/Nashville Predators

plastic spoons, forks, Clorox wipes, Windex, chapter books


Jerson Malaguit

Vice Principal

Degree: B.S.

Activities: enjoy my family, hike, travel, play guitar

Kids: 3

Pets: a cockatiel, Stir-fry

Allergies: White Sox fans

To eat: Snooze

To shop: Amazon

Foods: Mexican

Fruit: strawberries

Candy: Reese’s Pieces

Snack: Jalapeno Kettle Chips

Hot Drink: coffee

Cold Drink: water

Color: blue

Sports team: Chicago Cubs

3-D printer


Karrie Meyers

Admin Assistant

Degree: B.A.

Activities: read, shop, hike, take beach vacations

Kids: 2

Pets: 1

To eat: Snooze

To shop: Amazon

Foods: spaghetti

Fruit: peaches

Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Snack: trail mix

Hot Drink: caffe latte

Cold Drink: iced tea

Color: blue

Sports team: St. Louis Cardinals


Claudia Morales


Degree: Preschool Certification

Activities: spend time with family

Kids: 2

Pets: 3 dogs

To eat: Chick-Fil-A

To shop: Target

Foods: Mexican food

Fruit: strawberries, mango

Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Snack: dried fruit, nuts

Hot Drink: white decaffeinated coffee mocha

Cold Drink: frappucchino

Color: pink, blue

Sports team: MHA Mustangs

grill, waffle maker, electric pan (all for classroom cooking class)


Russell Palmer

Middle School

Degree: B.S.

Activities: endlessly watch movies, play with banana slugs, clean my ears, grow my beard, wrestle Chuck Norris, play aerobie, slip n’ slide, drink slurpees and icees, play guitar, write songs, sled down truck runaway truck ramps, design decorative pillows, swim with dolphins, reenact scenes from twilight, collect snails

Kids: 0, but Ollie counts as my behaviorally challenged dog

Pets: just the aforementioned pet, Ollie…but he does enough destruction for at least 3 or 4 dogs

Allergies: cats (don’t want one), grass, pollen, and weak excuses for late homework

To eat: Chipotle

To shop: Chipotle

Foods: Chipotle

Fruit: Chipotle tomatoes

Candy: Sour Patch Kids (after eating a burrito at Chipotle)

Snack: Leftover Chipotle

Hot Drink: Hot Sauce at Chipotle

Cold Drink: Mr. Pibb from Chipotle

Color: Chipotle brown

Sports team: Let’s see, how do I work this in…Phoenix Suns eating out at Chipotle

6 EV3 robotics kits

No Photo Available

Tony Parrish

Middle School

Degree: M.A.

Activities: golf, travel, gardening

Kids: 3

Pets: 1

To eat: Bahama Bucks

To shop: Home Depot

Food: ice cream

Fruit: bananas

Candy: chocolate

Snack: fruit

Hot Drink: mocha

Cold Drink: cold brew

Color: black

Sports team: Broncos

furniture!, media players, speakers

Kristina Rettler 2016

Kristina Rettler

Middle School

Degree: B.S.

Activities: read, hike, garden, eat healthy, arts/crafts

Kids: 1

Pets: Great Dane named Rosie

Allergies: late work

To eat: Native Foods

To shop: Amazon

Food: salad

Fruit: strawberries

Candy: Lilly’s sugar-free chocolate bars

Snack: Chex Mix

Hot Drink: decaf americano with cream

Cold Drink: iced decaf americano with cream

Color: purple

Sports team: MHA Mustangs

furniture!, media players, speakers


Brenda Rodie

VP of Operations, Admissions, Records

Degree: A.S.

Activities: read, hike, ATV

Kids: 2

Pets: dog named Sundae

To eat: Olive Garden/The Happy Cooker

To shop: Target/The Mall

Food: Italian, Mexican

Fruit: avocado

Candy: Bavarian Mints, M&M’s

Snack: white cheddar popcorn

Hot Drink: hot chocolate

Cold Drink: sweet tea

Color: blue

Sports team: Broncos


Lisa Venteicher

Upper School Science

Degree: M.A.

Activities: spend time with my husband, family and friends, be outside in nature, run, workout, hike, bike, swim, camp, read, photography

To eat: Olive Garden, Mod Pizza

To shop: Target

Food: potatoes

Fruit: berries

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: veggies and hummus, mixed nuts

Hot Drink: Starbucks decaf soy white mocha

Cold Drink: fruit smoothies

Color: blue, aqua

Sports team: Spurs, Broncos

sticky notes, note cards, craft supplies for projects – markers, colored pencils, sharpies, poster boards, disposable pipettes for the lab, composition notebooks for lab books, distilled water for the lab


Jacqueline Walker

Third Grade

Degree: B.S.

Activities: read, hike, sing, explore the globe

To eat: Everywhere

To shop: Target

Fruit: mango

Candy: Toblerone

Snack: apples

Hot Drink: cocoa

Cold Drink: iced coffee

Color: aqua

Sports team: Broncos

chapter books, ball pump


Lucy Werner

Preschool Director

Degree: B.A.

To eat: not too picky

To shop: Target

Food: Mexican

Fruit: all fruit

Candy: chocolate truffles

Snack: spicy chips

Hot Drink: green tea/hot chocolate

Cold Drink: ice tea

Color: purple

Sports team: Broncos


Denae Yuros

Fourth Grade

Degree: B.S.

Activities: get outside (hiking, biking, anything snow related), exercise, travel

Pets: 1 cat (he lives in Washington)

Allergies: seasonal

To eat: anywhere Mediterranean or Thai

To shop: REI, Trader Joe’s

Food: Kale

Fruit: persimmons, pomegranates, blueberries

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: chips and salsa

Hot Drink: almond milk latte

Cold Drink: iced coffee

Color: glitter

Sports team: not the Seahawks!!

student lab coats for science class, Kleenex, astrobrights reams of paper, paper cutter, dry erase markers