Faculty & Staff

Take a tour of our wonderful faculty and staff. They are what make us great every day!

Jocelyn Aalborg 2014

Jocelyn Aalborg

VP of Finance & Development

Degree: MBA

Place to Eat: Hacienda Colorado
Place to Shop: TJ Maxx and Target


Esther Aviles


Degree: M. Ed.

Activities: travel, spend time with friends & family, travel, mountain bike, ski, travel, spend time outdoors, and did I mention travel?

To eat: Starbucks, Panera, Corner Bakery

To shop: Amazon, iTunes, DSW, Target

Foods: Thai, Italian, Mexican, Korean, Vietnamese

Fruit: berries, grapes, watermelon

Candy: anything milk chocolate

Snack: Larabars, dried fruit, mixed nuts, smoothie

Hot Drink: Starbucks chai latte w/skim milk, no foam or skinny cinnamon dolce latte

Cold Drink: cold version of hot drinks

Color: blue

Sports team: Tennessee VOLS or Titans!!


Kyle Berg

Middle School

Degree: B.S.

Activities: play sports, watch sports, hike, bike, read, write

To eat: Red Robin

To shop: REI & Sierra Trading Post

Foods: Thai

Fruit: Raspberries

Candy: Starbursts

Snack: Chex Mix

Hot Drink: chai tea latte

Cold Drink: snapple mango madness

Color: blue

Sports team: Green Bay Packers, Boston Celtics, Seattle Mariners

Storage closet for podcasting equipment, Nikon DSLR cameras for yearbook


Rebecca Berg

Upper School History, Bible, & Chaplain

Degree: B.S.

Activities: hike, bake, cook, bike, read, boardgames

To eat: Native Foods

To shop: The Loft

Foods: Thai

Fruit: any

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: dark chocolate covered almonds

Hot Drink: latte

Cold Drink: kambucha

Color: purple

Sports team: none

The “March” books by John Lewis


Jenni Eno

Upper School Language Arts

Degree: M.A.

Activities: camp, ride motorcycles, travel

Kids: 3

Pets: English Springer Spaniel named Charlie

To eat: Chipotle

To shop: Amazon

Foods: anything Ethnic

Fruit: grapefruit

Hot Drink: tea

Cold Drink: tea

Color: blue

Sports team: US Women’s National Soccer Team

Mural painted on my wall

Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift cards for books

Wireless speakers


Angelika Feldbush

Administrative Assistant, Student Worker Coordinator, PFE Coordinator

Degree: B.A.

Activities: hike

Kids: 3

To eat: Colorado Hacienda

To shop: The Barn

Foods: Mexican

Fruit: avocado

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: poppers

Hot Drink: caramel macchiato

Cold Drink: green tea

Color: rose

Sports team: Broncos


Christina Hernandez

Middle School

Degree: B.A.

Activities: camp, read, ride bike with kids

Kids: 2

Pets: fish

To eat: Olive Garden

To shop: Target

Foods: any Mexican food!

Fruit: mango

Candy: Hershey’s with almonds

Snack: sunflower seeds

Hot Drink: white chocolate mocha

Cold Drink: mocha frappe

Color: purple

Sports team: Broncos

Nice reading chairs, microscopes, dry erase markers and eraser, bath bomb mods, soap molds


Brian Howard

Upper School Math

Degree: M.E.

Activities: rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, travel

Pets: 3

Allergies: politics

To eat: Jerusalem

To shop: REI

Foods: Shish Ta Uhk

Fruit: mango

Candy: Reese’s

Snack: sunflower seeds

Hot Drink: coffee

Cold Drink: unsweetened iced tea

Color: green

Sports team: Manchester United

Casio graphing calculators, trampoline, antigrav demonstration kit for physics


Kate Kamarad

First Grade

Degree: B.A.

Activities: hike, yoga, listen to music, art, time with my girls

Kids: 2 daughters

Pets: 1 dog, Cash

To eat: Carrabba’s

To shop: Target

Foods: Indian

Fruit: pineapple

Candy: Riesens

Snack: trail mix

Hot Drink: white chocolate mocha

Cold Drink: green tea hazelnut frappuchino

Color: blue

Sports team: Broncos

Lysol wipes, books, iPads, headphones


Karrie Meyers

Admin Assistant

Degree: B.A.

Activities: read, shop, hike, take beach vacations

Kids: 2

Pets: 1

To eat: Snooze

To shop: Amazon

Foods: spaghetti

Fruit: peaches

Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Snack: trail mix

Hot Drink: caffe latte

Cold Drink: iced tea

Color: blue

Sports team: St. Louis Cardinals

Kristina Rettler 2016

Kristina Rettler


Degree: B.S.

Activities: read, hike, garden, eat healthy, arts/crafts

Kids: 1

Pets: Great Dane named Rosie

Allergies: late work

To eat: Native Foods

To shop: Amazon

Food: salad

Fruit: strawberries

Candy: Lilly’s sugar-free chocolate bars

Snack: Chex Mix

Hot Drink: decaf americano with cream

Cold Drink: iced decaf americano with cream

Color: purple

Sports team: MHA Mustangs

furniture!, media players, speakers


Brenda Rodie

VP of Operations, Admissions, Records

Degree: A.S.

Activities: read, hike, ATV

Kids: 2

Pets: dog named Sundae

To eat: Olive Garden/The Happy Cooker

To shop: Target/The Mall

Food: Italian, Mexican

Fruit: avocado

Candy: Bavarian Mints, M&M’s

Snack: white cheddar popcorn

Hot Drink: hot chocolate

Cold Drink: sweet tea

Color: blue

Sports team: Broncos


Lisa Venteicher

Upper School Science

Degree: M.A.

Activities: spend time with my husband, family and friends, be outside in nature, run, workout, hike, bike, swim, camp, read, photography

To eat: Olive Garden, Mod Pizza

To shop: Target

Food: potatoes

Fruit: berries

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: veggies and hummus, mixed nuts

Hot Drink: Starbucks decaf soy white mocha

Cold Drink: fruit smoothies

Color: blue, aqua

Sports team: Spurs, Broncos

sticky notes, note cards, craft supplies for projects – markers, colored pencils, sharpies, poster boards, disposable pipettes for the lab, composition notebooks for lab books, distilled water for the lab


Jacqueline Walker

Third Grade

Degree: B.S.

Activities: read, hike, sing, explore the globe

To eat: Everywhere

To shop: Target

Fruit: mango

Candy: Toblerone

Snack: apples

Hot Drink: cocoa

Cold Drink: iced coffee

Color: aqua

Sports team: Broncos

chapter books, ball pump


Lucy Werner

Preschool Director

Degree: B.A.

To eat: not too picky

To shop: Target

Food: Mexican

Fruit: all fruit

Candy: chocolate truffles

Snack: spicy chips

Hot Drink: green tea/hot chocolate

Cold Drink: ice tea

Color: purple

Sports team: Broncos


Denae Yuros

Fourth Grade

Degree: B.S.

Activities: get outside (hiking, biking, anything snow related), exercise, travel

Pets: 1 cat (he lives in Washington)

Allergies: seasonal

To eat: anywhere Mediterranean or Thai

To shop: REI, Trader Joe’s

Food: Kale

Fruit: persimmons, pomegranates, blueberries

Candy: dark chocolate

Snack: chips and salsa

Hot Drink: almond milk latte

Cold Drink: iced coffee

Color: glitter

Sports team: not the Seahawks!!

student lab coats for science class, Kleenex, astrobrights reams of paper, paper cutter, dry erase markers